National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges

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CAM PREUS-BRALY, Commissioner
Department of Community Colleges & Workforce
Oregon Board of Education

Cam Preus-Braly was appointed, effective October 1, 1999, the Commissioner of the Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development. She had previously served as Governor Kitzhaberís Workforce Policy Coordinator.

Cam has held critical leadership roles in the area of workforce development in Oregon for the past 15 years.  Her leadership is guided by an unwavering commitment to local decision-making and mutual accountability. 

The National Alliance of Business honored Cam as the Workforce Development Professional of the Year in 1998. 

Prior to her government service, she held positions as a chemist and quality control manager with United States Steel.  Cam graduated from Cumberland Junior College, Middle Tennessee University and earned an MBA from Indiana University.



The National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges is an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).  The council provides a forum for the exchange of information about developments, trends, and problems in state systems of community colleges.  

Through our affiliation with AACC, we also strive to affect national legislation that impacts our colleges and state agencies.

This is the only Council that represents the collective interest of state agencies and state boards of community colleges.  This council is a valuable forum to help state directors deal with the changes in attitude and policies towards community colleges at the international, federal, state and local levels.  We will share information and learn lessons from each other to better serve the interests of our institutions in the coming years.

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