NCSDCC Meeting Minutes
April 13, 1996
Atlanta, Georgia


Fred Gainous 


Don Puyear 


Andy McKirdy 


Sandra Sakaguchi 
     for Joyce Tsunoda 


Geraldine Evans 


Merlyne Hines-Starr 


Ben W. Carr 


Keith Bird (for Jeff Rafn) 

New Hampshire

Glenn DuBois 

New York

Gary Walters 


Lee Myers 


Ron Crossland (for Earl Hale) 


1. Introductions

2. Approval of Meeting Minutes August 12, 1996-- approved as presented

3. Update on Officers of the Council-- Fred Gainous reported that Liz Noyes stepped down as chair of the NCSDCC after resigning her position in Massachusetts and that John McKay left his position as Secretary/Treasurer of the NCSDCC after resigning his position in Arkansas. Fred also informed the group that he was chairing the meeting in the absence of acting chair Dwight York whose flight into Atlanta was delayed by a snowstorm.

4. Relationship with National Council of State Association Chief Executives-- Lee Myers was selected to be liaison between NCSDCC and NCSACE until this issue is discussed again at the summer meeting.

5. Discussion/Vote on proposed amendments to NCSDCC Bylaws-- Changes were made to the bylaws to reflect the changes that annual dues will be set at the Council's spring meeting, and that the Ad Hoc nominating Committee shall be appointed at the annual meeting. The changes to the bylaws were approved unanimously.

6. Secretary/Treasurers Report-- In the absence of John McKay, Fred Gainous provided the financial report. 

7. AACC Legislative Update-- David Baime, David Buonora, and Ashley Giglio updated the Council on legislative activity involving budget and appropriations, reauthorization of the Higher education Act, deeming of student aid for legal immigrants, telecommunications, and workforce development legislation.

8. Report by Terry Tollefson-- Terry Tollefson shared information on his work in preparing an update of Forty-Nine State Systems.

9. 1996 Summer Meeting Update-- Fred Gainous provided the Council with an overview of the preparation for the annual meeting to be held July 28-31 in Point Clear, Alabama.

10. American Student Association of Community Colleges-- Frank Mensel and Rob Sewell provided the Council with an overview of the activities of the ASACC.

11. Plans for Summer Meeting in Rhode Island--Rosemary Zinns informed the Council that the 1997 summer meeting is being planned for July 27-30 at the Newport Harbor Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. All state directors will receive information packets about the meeting as the event gets closer.

12. State Reports--Each member present provided the Council with information regarding significant actions undertaken in their state.

13. Other Business-- Fred Gainous introduced Jackie Woods, the Community College Liaison at the Department of Education. AACC President Dave Pierce provided an update on the plans for the AACC convention, discussed AACC licensure committee, and provided a general overview of his observations on the state of community colleges.


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The National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges is an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).  The council provides a forum for the exchange of information about developments, trends, and problems in state systems of community colleges.  

Through our affiliation with AACC, we also strive to affect national legislation that impacts our colleges and state agencies.

This is the only Council that represents the collective interest of state agencies and state boards of community colleges.  This council is a valuable forum to help state directors deal with the changes in attitude and policies towards community colleges at the international, federal, state and local levels.  We will share information and learn lessons from each other to better serve the interests of our institutions in the coming years.