NCSDCC Summer Business 
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday July 28, 1999
8:30 am
Hotel St. Francis
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Introductions: NCSDCC Chair Janice Motta called the business meeting to order at 8:30 am. 13 states and two associate member were present for the business meeting

Approval of Minutes: The council reviewed and approved the minutes from the meeting of April 7, 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Secretary/Treasurer's Report: In the absence of Secretary/Treasurer Earl Hale, NCSDCC Executive Secretary Dave Buonora provided the financial report. The report indicated that the Council's assets include a one-year certificate of deposit totaling $12,000 and a checking account totaling $31,519.04. In addition, 33 states paid dues to the NCSDCC for FY 98-99 and six individuals or associations belong to the council as associate members.

Options for Spending Down Council Holdings: Given the strong financial health of the organization, the Council held a free ranging discussion about how to spend some of the funds. The idea of using the funds to contract with an outside entity to conduct a research project on one of the community college "hot topics" was discussed. Concern was expressed about how useful such a project would be relative to other needs of the council. After a period of discussion lasting over a half-hour, the council seemed to reach consensus that the funds should be used to increase communication and the flow of information between state directors. In the end the council chose to investigate two options: establishment of a NCSDCC web page and the possibility of the Council producing periodic newsletters (either in hard copy or electronically). Executive Secretary Buonora was tasked with pricing out how much it would cost to produce a web page and to seek individuals with whom the Council might contract to create the web site.

Increased Visibility for the NCSDCC: Jan Motta reminded the group that every year the council presents a session at the AACC Convention. All state directors are invited to supply possible topics for next year's conference to be held in Washington, DC.

How to involve more states in the activities of the NCSDCC: A half hour discussion was held to determine how to get more states to join the council as dues paying members and how to encourage more members to attend the summer meeting and the business meeting at the AACC convention. It was decided that when invoices are mailed to all state directors in September, that an information piece be included describing the major activities of the state directors and including information about the summer meetings in Santa Fe and Seattle. In addition, each state director in attendance in Santa Fe volunteered to call other state directors after they receive their dues notices to encourage them to join the council and actively participate in its activities.

Report From Ad Hoc Nominating Committee: The Ad Hoc nominating Committee chaired by Frank Renz reported the slate of candidates for NCSDCC officers for FY 1999-20000. The candidates were:

Chair: Donald E. Puyear (Arizona)

Vice-Chair Glenn DuBois (New Hampshire)

Vice-Chair for Legislation Earl Hale (Washington)

Secretary-Treasurer J. David Armstrong (Florida)

Election of NCSDCC Officers for 1999-2000: The Council unanimously approved the slate of candidates.

New Business: New NCSDCC Don Puyear presented outgoing Chair Janice Motta with a plaque expressing the appreciation of the Council for her work as Chair during 1998-99.

Adjournment: The business meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.



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The National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges is an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).  The council provides a forum for the exchange of information about developments, trends, and problems in state systems of community colleges.  

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